Food & Beverage Point of Sale

Burger and Fries
Cold Beer

The Food & Beverage Point of Sale System supports restaurant, grill and snack bar operations. The use of touch screen technology simplifies menu selections and expedites orders to the kitchen. The system includes inventory reporting for food, fountain drinks, alcoholic beverages, and snacks.

Reduce Order Errors & Delays

The Food & Beverage System provides the order capture, tracking and reporting tools necessary to dramatically improve food service operations. Use of touch screen terminals for order entry help insure the order is placed quickly and accurately.

Improve Productivity

Because the system is intuitive and user friendly, staff training time is greatly reduced. Daily operations are significantly improved due to streamlined communications between servers and kitchen staff.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Because all Food & Beverage functions are automated by the system, customer orders are quickly and accurately fulfilled - improving customer experience and satisfaction.

Improve Financial Results

Improved efficiency of kitchen and server operations translates into higher productivity. Features like “special order kitchen instructions” improve order accuracy resulting in fewer returns. The system accepts multiple forms of payment, multiple tax rates and split ticket sales - all helping to improve the accurate capture of charges and subsequent billing.