Golf Merchandise

Inventory System

The Inventory System maintains the shop merchandise levels. Items sold by the POS are decremented from inventory and new stock received is added to inventory. The system uses familiar golf terms instead of confusing and complicated numeric schemes. Our method provides a very easy way to set up stock and identify items to be sold quickly at the point-of-sale station. This provides you with the tools to better control inventory, ordering and increase inventory turns.

Improve Inventory Turns & Profitability

Real time inventory reporting along with the Purchase Order and Receiving System enable you to closely monitor and replenish inventory levels. Use of these tools results in improved inventory turns and greater profitability.

Adapts to Your Business

The system provides you with a wealth of features that allow you to define reports, separate inventory types, merchandise descriptions and classes. It also supports full or partial physical inventory during normal business hours. The Physical inventory process uses online barcode scanning and/or physical count sheets.