Golfer Internet Access


The Golf System Internet Access system is used by many clubs to improve customer satisfaction and reduce club operating expense. The system allows golfers to access make/review tee time reservations at anytime from anywhere using the internet. Upon successful login, a home page will display a menu of options that are available to the golfer as well as a bulletin board that can be used by the club to communicate upcoming tournaments, meetings, events, etc.

Reserve a Tee Time

Golfers can reserve tee times by date of play, number of players, and specific golf course. Once confirmed, the reserved tee time is automatically posted to the club’s tee sheet. Club management can control times that online reservations are available to golfers.

Member Directory

Members can elect to have selective information posted to the member directory that is available for view by all members.

View My Statement

Members can view (and/or print) their statement in “real time” mode and review all transactions posted to their account. Clubs using this feature generally see an improvement in cash flow due to a significant reduction in the number of “charge challenges” and the time necessary to resolve them.

Online Reservations