Tournament Management

Golf Tournament

The Golf System Tournament System allows you to easily setup and manage tournaments. It offers comprehensive support for multiple formats and is designed to dramatically reduce problems and time required for setting up and running tournaments.

Simple Tournament Setup

The system allows you to create tournaments in multiple formats. In addition, you may create a virtually unlimited number of tournaments to occur in the future.

Improve Productivity

Many of our customers report when using our system they have reduced the time necessary to schedule and manage tournaments by as much as 80%.

Better Customer Experience

The Golf System provides the tournament manager with automated tools such as Tee Time Pairings, Player Listings and Flight Listings that can be changed real-time to accommodate last minute changes. Scorecards and carts signs are systemf generated providing a professional appearance. They can be recreated at any time to reflect changes in the tournament(s).

Reduce Errors & Delays

The Golf System permits better management of all the details involved in planning and managing tournaments. Because all the information you need is immediately available you can eliminate potential issues before they become problems that can affect your tournament.

What Tournament Managers Like

Create tournaments in multiple formats

Skin Games and Para-mutual Events

Support multiple tournaments at same time

Produce Tee Time Pairings, Player listings and Flight Listings

Print scorecards and cart signs

Post prizes to credit book